Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Musanada company is providing the MU-lims, that helps you to automate your lab workflow.

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is software that allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. By using a LIMS, your lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.


One application for your laboratory’s needs

It is the ideal solution that provides all your laboratory needs in one place, through which you can do the followings

  • Add your content...Manage samples, resources, instruments, equipment, stocks, and suppliers
  • Demonstrate compliance to ISO 17025, GLP and other regulatory requirements
  • Streamline processes—ensure efficient operation to maximize profits
  • Manage SOPs electronically and ensure analysts follow SOPs for all aspects of process execution
  • Preserve quality and data integrity from sample receipt through to report delivery
  • Improve traceability and chain of custody using barcoding for samples and locations throughout the lab
  • Drive compliance through secure, future-proofed, central data archival, retrieval, and visualization
  • Integrate MU-lims with instruments and equipment, CDS, ERP, PIMS, and MES to connect all your valuable data and enable fast, informed decisions
We enable our customers to deliver a more digital & connected experience.

100% web based laboratory information management system (LIMS) which is tailored to manage an organization´s complete laboratory information to optimize the productivity and operating cost with increasing quality across the region.

ISO 17025 compliance in laboratory isn´t easy, especially in labs still using paper-based processes, but for those labs that take a comprehensive approach the benefits are significant.

Our Soultion takes you beyond the traditional LIMS by consolidating additional functionalities typically found in multiple laboratory systems into one product platform across the global enterprise in a simplified way.

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